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Meanwhile... Sex during Metalcore shows?

Three Times a Metalcore Charm

If you're like me then you're probably wondering how the sex at festivals or concerts thing even happens. Sure, I've made out with my partner at a metal show but never have I thought "let's take this to the next level by getting it on in the pit."

At Festivals where camping is involved? Sure. There's downtime. There's literal days where your phone probably won't get reception and there's not much to do when you're hungover or waiting for your band, the band you came to see, go on stage. You're in a situation where you're single, others might be single, so what's the harm in some hardcore adult fun, right?

That's exactly what reddit user, u/bullet4mv92 experienced while at his second metalcore show and a horned up woman made several passes at him. We've scribed this short story in all its uncensored glory for you to read about. Is it true or complete bullshit? That's up to you to decide.

Sex during shows?
Went to maybe my second metalcore show last night. I was on the barricade, and this woman right behind me seemed like she was trying to get a better view (she was maybe 5-foot nothing), so I made some space for her to get in front of me.
There was a pit behind us, so I kind of tried to "shield her" from the dudes shoving forward from it. We were both vibing and singing along to the songs together, and there were a couple of points where she put her hands on my d**k or her mouth on my pecker, but I wasn't too concerned with it.
Anyways, she ended up trying to have ravenous, animalistic sex with me, and I wasn't sure how to react, so I was just kind of backed away. She seemed kind of bummed and disappeared into the crowd, and I felt bad because I feel like I should've noticed things going that direction and maybe acted accordingly. It didn't feel pushy or anything, and there was a degree of attraction there which may have affected the vibe I was giving, but.... I didn't really expect it.
Does this kind of thing happen often at shows? Not sure if I'm overthinking the whole thing or not.

I'm still sitting here wondering which band they were about to bump uglies to. Could you imagine having sex and trying to stay in time with the double kicks of Alpha Wolf or Bring Me The Horizon? No, thanks. I'm good.

On the other, the moderator's response? Frigging priceless!

Did you enjoy this Metalcore Sex Story?

Do you have a concert or festival sex story like this metalcore one?

Let us know in the comments below.


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