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Doom Metal Project 'Drift Into Black' Release Apocalyptic New Single/Video 'What's Left in the Fire'

New Jersey-based apocalyptic doom project Drift Into Black has launched the latest single off their new album, Voices Beneath the Rubble. The video is available on Youtube and the song is currently streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

After two years dedicated to writing and recording, the band is ready to unveil their eagerly awaited new creation, Voices Beneath the Rubble. This monumental offering serves as a concept album, showcasing the band's evolution as musicians and storytellers. With Voices Beneath the Rubble, Drift Into Black delivers a sonic journey that traverses a range of emotions.

The 'What's Left in the Fire' song and accompanying video is dark, foreboding and ushers in the downfall of mankind from its own folly. Musically, its arrangement combines the best parts of Doom Metal when throwing in orchestral elements that epically charged. While the video capitalises on the fear of an upcoming apocalypse with images of broken down cities, roads left in ruin, fires left to burn and the earth devoid of all life. Human and otherwise.

Artwork for Drift Into Black's 'Voices Beneath the Rubble' LP
Artwork for Drift Into Black's 'Voices Beneath the Rubble' LP

Black Lion Records will release Voices Beneath the Rubble on June 28. Pre-order/pre-save the album by clicking here.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Amorphis, Drift Into Black's sound is a fusion of gothic doom, traditional heavy metal, and some progressive elements, all imbued with emotional depth. With Voices Beneath the Rubble, Drift Into Black has created their most immersive album to date.


1. The Horns of Despair

2. In Turmoil

3. The Great Machine

4. Voices Beneath the Rubble

5. Last Hope

6. Forever King

7. Blood Storm

8. What's Left In The Fire

9. Turning Of The Tide

10. December

Drift Into Black - Band Photo
Drift Into Black - Band Photo

Originally from Sayreville New Jersey, Drift Into Black started their journey into doom metal in 2018 as a one-man band masterminded by Craig Rossi (ex-Grey Skies Fallen). Bassist/guitarist Paul Laplaca and drummer Klemen Markelj joined as official members after the band's third release.

With each release, Drift Into Black continues to evolve sonically by touching on many different metal genres while still holding on to their doom roots.

Stream the 'What's Left in the Fire' video and let us know what you think in the comments.


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