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Why You Should Listen to Mushroomhead’s ‘Fall In Line’ (Single)

Mushroomhead's 'Fall in Line' verges into Eerie Childlike Horror Territory

Mushroomhead proves time and time again that no one person is more important than the overall group. For me, that’s always been the appeal of Mushroomhead. A band that emerged from the ashes of the nu-metal fad much likes contemporaries Slipknot and American Head Charge. Although, despite those two bands, Mushroomhead has often pivoted in new directions and evolved to suit the needs of the current lineup.

Truth told, it’s been a minute since I’ve indulged in the chunky riffology of masked harbingers, Mushroomhead, and so if you’re trapped in 2002 and expecting the death raps of J-Mann mixed with the apocalyptic crooning of Jeffrey Nothing - that’s not what you’re going to find here.

Don’t get me wrong, the chunky riffs are there and Skinny Felton’s signature drumming is present like a relentless barrage threatening to rip through your chest. For me though, it’s Jackie LaPonza’s clean singing that makes for a catchy chorus and doubling on top of Scott Beck’s screaming which is the secret sauce in this brand new single. You’ll find the other core ingredients of Mushroomhead throughout ‘Fall In Line’ right down to Aydin Kerr’s haunting piano and tape loop sample that verges into eerie childlike horror territory.

Is it as strong as single from first couple of albums? No, and it probably won’t ever be. Despite this, I cannot help but appreciate the crafting of a song representative of a style that is their strongest return to the strange form that made Mushroomhead an absolute juggernaut and force in the early 2000s.


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