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Unfortunate 'Betty and Me' Facsimile Confirms Archie can and will "Beat Off" At Least Three Other Guys

Betty and Me #16 Facsimile

Over more than 80 years of publishing and pop culture history and Archie Comics has proven that context is everything with the release of a facsimile reprint of 'Betty and Me' #16.

Originally printed in me, Betty and Me #16 features Archie Andrews on the cover with the line:

"I had to BEAT OFF three other guys!"

Archie Comics CEO & Publisher weighs in:

“We use the word ‘iconic’ a lot at Archie and it’s with good reason. We’re in our ninth decade of publishing the adventures of Archie and the gang, and that has naturally given us the runway to make a big impact. There have been so many touchstones through the years, whether it’s the debut of major new characters like Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina, or the smaller things fans have come to cherish, the quick gags and sweet scenes that over time have built such strong character personalities and a lasting legacy. The Facsimile Editions are a way for us to celebrate some of these iconic moments with our most dedicated readers in comics that instantly recall the past, while introducing new readers to what makes Archie special, as well.”

Betty and Me #16 - Archie Comics
Betty and Me #16 - Archie Comics

Facsimiles are a soaring trend in comics, giving today’s readers a chance to own affordable versions of valuable issues without breaking the bank. And though many of these stories are available in trade paperback collections, facsimiles are printed in the original single-issue format, including all the vintage ads, editorial pages, and letter columns that fans enjoyed when they picked up the first printings decades ago, a reading experience that’s like going back in time.

Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito adds:

“The whole Facsimile lineup is a real treat for collectors and fans; first appearances, all-timer cover gags, and important moments in Archie history, it’s all here. We’ve really gone deep to find the best of the best, not just in terms of great stories but genuinely classic issues that are works of art unto themselves as complete comic books, cover-to-cover.”

It's great to see Archie Comics continuing to pave the way towards diversity and inclusivity by advocating for the trend of men beating each other off.

Betty and Me #16's coming out party is slated for August 7th, 2024. With stories by Joe Edwards, Frank Doyle, Dan DeCarlo, and many other legendary Archie Comics creators.

More on this soon.


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