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I Played 'Don't Forget Me' by Punk Band THE SOFTER SIDE to my Alzheimers Ailing Grandma, Here's What She Thought

What Grandma thinks of The Softer Side
What Grandma thinks of The Softer Side

It's been well over 10 years since the last release by Jacksonville natives, The Softer Side, and with the melodic punk rockers itching to get something out to their thousands of demanding fans - I can confirm the release of their brand new single, 'Don't Forget Me.'

Boasting a highly energetic assortment of riffs and a memorable chorus guaranteed to light a fire under New Found Glory's arse, 'Don't Forget Me' is available now on all streaming platforms and is on regular rotation here at MKOW AM Radio.

Appealing to a wide demographic, I tracked down my Alzheimer's riddled Grandma, a legendary Punk Rocker back in the day, to get some feedback on this latest single from the Floridian Punk Rockers. Lenore, or Poppy (as she's known to the locals at Charlestown Bowling Club), was a mainstay at Gallipoli Legion Club back in the 90s after the death of her husband who found solace in the digital world of Tony Hawk Pro Skater had this to say:

"I don't know who these young men are but they're the exact kind of punk rock that I want to hear from when I'm out and about."

It was at this point I reminded her that I found her in the yard of a neighbour on Glossop Street mashing wild berries into her hair.

"Don't take that tone with me, young man. I still have my wits about me. This song you played just now on your little ghetto blaster (referring to my iPhone on loud speaker - Ed) isn't what I expected from MXPX... it's a tad obvious. It just goes to show punk bands can't write songs the way they used to. Mike, Yuri and the boys just aren't the dreamboats they used to be. Age will do that to you..."

"Are they playing here soon?"

Not that I believe so.

"Yeah? Fuck 'em."

High Praise from the Grandmother of four.

For fans of bands like Yellowcard, No Use For A Name, The Ataris, Face To Face, and Strung Out, you can hear the rest of their Deathbed EP including 'Don't Forget Me' on April 9th, 2024 - via High End Denim Records.

More soon.


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