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Stoneside's 'Loveless' is Finding Beauty in its Sombre Dissonance

Stoneside singer performing on stage

Stoneside's New Single: 'Loveless'

A couple weeks ago, independent rock/metal label Famined Records introduced me to 'Loveless', the single for Stoneside's upcoming record: The Isolationist.

Hailing from Texas, USA; Stoneside is an alternative metal/progressive rock band who dedicates themselves to telling stories of the dead. It seems nothing is off limits for this band enamored with the deceased as Loveless is a track about serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, and is a terrific introduction to the sonic diversity of their collective musicianship and style.

Stoneside introduces New Track: 'Loveless'
Stoneside introduces New Track: 'Loveless'

For fans of Sleep Token, Loathe and Deftones: Stoneside's music is haunting, emotional, raw and beautiful as the stories that it gives voice to; combining elements of a range of genres including alternative rock, prog-metal, ambient and electronic, the genres and song structures are fluid and ever-changing; they are merely a tool of the messenger.

Loveless feels like early Lord of the Lost circa 2010's Fears with the vocalist's deep croning an echo in this chamber of haunting keyboard dissonance which diverts into a barrage of slow titan-like modern metal. Hitting a crescendo with this raw bile-curdling scream at the half way point. This diversion allows for the group to explore a bridge of more haunting keyboard-licks that are haunting in flavour yet Horror movie soundtrack in approach.

'Loveless' can be streamed now on Spotify and Apple Music. It'll be included on their upcoming album, The Isolationist, out soon via Famined Records.

What did you think of Stoneside's new single?

What did you think of the style on Loveless? Will you be adding this track to your regular playlist?

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