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Little Rock Doom Trio, MAMMOTH CARAVAN, Releases Video for 'Tusks of Orion'

Mammoth Caravan Releases Video for 'Tusks of Orion' on Youtube and Teases Tracklist and Art for upcoming album, Frostbitten Galaxy

Little Rock doom trio MAMMOTH CARAVAN has launched the official music video for 'Tusks of Orion,' the first single off the band's new album, Frostbitten Galaxy.

MAMMOTH CARAVAN bassist/vocalist comments on the song:

“'Tusks of Orion' is meant, in the grand scheme of the album's story, to serve as a war anthem from a bloodthirsty mammoth king hell-bent on conquering all life in the galaxy. Musically the song was inspired by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, and Mastodon and we think that it perfectly encapsulates what we are going for with the new album in terms of intensity, and its violent story.”

Guitarist/vocalist Robert Warner shares insight on the video for Tusks of Orion:

“When writing 'Tusks of Orion,' we knew from the first time we practiced it together that this not only would be our first single but the ideal candidate for a music video showcasing our new lineup. Working with Andrew Bacon on this video was a no-brainer. Even though he has a lot of experience making music videos, he has never dabbled in the heavy metal world. To see our world through the lens of someone who is not a metal fan made this experience more original and organic.”

Watch the 'Tusks Of Orion' Music Video

Frostbitten Galaxy will be out on October 4 on Blade Setter Records. Preorder at Blade Setter Records>>

With a revamped lineup, a retooled sound, and a violent tale of mammoths in space, the band’s next offering promises to be their heaviest and most diverse material yet.

Frostbitten Galaxy Tracklist and Album Art

Album Art for Mammoth Caravan's album 'Frostbitten Galaxy' - Featuring a group of intergalactic mammoths being worshipped
Album Art for Mammoth Caravan's album 'Frostbitten Galaxy' - Featuring a group of intergalactic mammoths being worshipped

Frostbitten Galaxy tracklist:

1. Absolute Zero

2. Cosmic Clairvoyance

3. Tusks Of Orion

4. Siege In The Stars

5. Prehistoric Spacefarer

6. Sky Burial

Frostbitten Galaxy was recorded and mixed at Wolfman Studios by Jason Tedford, and mastered by Justin Weis at Traxworx. Album art by Tony Koehl

MAMMOTH CARAVAN released their full-length debut Ice Cold Oblivion in February 2023, followed by the single "I, Megafauna" in August. Listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Who is Mammoth Caravan?

Brandon Ringo - Vocals/Bass

Robert Warner - Vocals/Guitar/Synth

Khetner Howton - Drums

All scream singing by Brandon Ringo. All clean singing by Robert Warner.


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