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Praise Be To Tharg, A New 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special Is Coming!

2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2024 with Judge pointing Blaster

It’s the summer of true nuclear fusion as 2000 AD mashes and smashes its most popular strips together in the return of its pulsating Sci-Fi Special!

Exploding into shelves on 3 July in a 48-page supernova, the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special will feature an all-thriller AND killer line-up of creators including Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett, Ben Willsher, Nicolò Assirelli… and the return to 2000 AD of the mighty Al Ewing!

This all-new Sci-Fi Special comes beamed from an alternate dimension – one in which familiar characters from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic have been given a different twist. The Thrill-powered characters you thought you knew have been amalgamated into one other in strange and unpredictable ways, creating an all new version of the Galaxy’s Greatest!

In this sideways universe there is only one person who has the strength to enforce the law in Mega-City One… and he’s a high-powered mutant! With eyes which can emit piercing Alpha waves, JUDGE ALPHA makes sure that nobody messes with the Justice Department!

When robots go rogue and start causing chaos in the neighbourhood, who’re you gonna call? Sinister and Dexter, of course, the ROBO-SHARKS! Hired to track down and terminate troublesome droids, this pair of robo… hunters? never miss their targets!

The Search/Destroy Agency have a number of highly-trained bounty hunters on their intergalactic roster: but none were as skilled as Friday! Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, this ROGUE/DOG is now being hunted by his fellow bounty hunters!

Ahoy! When you’re out on the wild seas of the world, flag flying in the wind and your team of scurvy dogs on deck, no bounty goes unclaimed! But the Red Wench’s captain is a rather strange chap: who is STICKLEBACK?

And if you’re a fan of high-octane thrill-sports, there’s only one place to enjoy extreme and enervating combat! The most violent sport of the future features undead, flesh-eating teams… welcome THE HARLEM ZOMBOS to 2000 AD!

Priced at £4.99 for 48 pages of interstellar amalgamation action, the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2024 is out on 3 July from all good newsagents and comic book stores, as well as the 2000 AD app and webshop! Pre-order your copy today!

Preview Pages of this All-New 2000 AD Sci-Fi Below. Click Any Image to Pre-Order


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