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Polish Death Metal Band, Disloyal, Release New Single entitled 'Ravens of Starvation'

Polish death-metal maniacs DISLOYAL have released new single, "Ravens of Starvation," a track from upcoming fifth full-length album, Divine Miasmata.

The song is also streaming on Bandcamp.

Marking the band’s natural progression, Divine Miasmata is a proposal that simply cannot be ignored. This is easily the band's most complex, catchy, atmospheric, groovy, and dark record to date. Combining hard-labor musical craftsmanship with top-notch artistic finesse, this release will surely become a bright star on the firmament of Polish death metal.

The main cover artwork is by NaphulaArt, adding a visually stunning dimension to the release.

Divine Miasmata will be out July 12 on Black Lion Records.

Divine Miasmata Artwork
Divine Miasmata Artwork


1. Divine Miasmata

2. Silent Revolution

3. The Black Pope

4. 1347-1352

5. Stella Peccatorum

6. Betrayed Faith

7. Religion Of Warfare

8. Ravens Of Starvation

9. The Ascension Of Abaddon

Divine Miasmata was recorded at Monroe Sound Studio and engineered, mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz “Aro” Jablonski. The album was produced by Arkadiusz “Aro” Jablonski and DISLOYAL. All music on the album was written by Artyom Serdyuk, except Intro, composed by Konstantin Kolesnikov. Lyrics were written by Wojciech Mytnik. Album track "Ravens Of Starvation" is based on a poem by Diana Suhova.

Who is Disloyal?

The Disloyal band members are:

Artyom Serdyuk – guitars

Jaroslaw “Jaro” Paprota – drums

Konstantin Kolesnikov – vocals

Kolya Kislyi – bass

Yahor Liatkouski – guitars (live)

Disloyal Band Photo
Disloyal Band Photo

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