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Directed by Remsy Atassi and Produced by Sal Abbinanti, THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME Documentary Heads to Kickstarter

The Legend of Kingdom Come

THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME Documentary Heads to Kickstarter

For over two decades, KINGDOM COME, the landmark comic series by Mark Waid and Alex Ross has enraptured the minds of superhero fans. Now, THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME, a documentary film about the making of the legendary comics series by Mark Waid and Alex Ross is headed to Kickstarter, directed by Remsy Atassi and produced by Sal Abbinanti.

This feature documentary is an origin story about the iconic, best-selling 90s-era graphic novel KINGDOM COME, going behind-the-scenes and inside the mind of its artist: comic book legend Alex Ross.

For the first time, fans will have the opportunity to hear directly from the creative team of Mark Waid and Alex Ross along with a wide range of comic luminaries through exclusive interviews and original footage, reflecting on the legacy of KINGDOM COME and the evolution of the comic book industry. Featuring commentary by the following and more:

  • Todd McFarlane Creator of "Spawn" and co-founder of Image Comics, known for revolutionizing creator-owned comics)

  • Julie Benson and Shawna Benson, acclaimed writing duo known for their work on "Batgirl and the Birds of Prey" and "The 100," bringing fresh perspectives and dynamic storytelling to modern comics

  • Paul Dini, Acclaimed writer and producer, co-creator of Harley Quinn and a driving force behind "Batman: The Animated Series."

“I have loved drawing and reading about superheroes since I was a young child,” says Alex Ross. “When Mark and I were creating KINGDOM COME—one of my earliest works—I set out to do exactly what I loved. I brought so much of myself and the people in my life into it. I knew it was special, but I had no idea it would have such an impact on comics, pop culture, and my career. I’m so proud that what we made back then still resonates today. I hope people enjoy this film.”

"Collaborating with Alex on KINGDOM COME was a high-water mark in my career,” says Mark Waid. “Watching scenes I'd put on paper come to vibrant life beneath his brush was an unforgettable experience, and I can't wait for fans to finally get a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at what I consider to be Alex's greatest work."

Directed by Remsy Atassi and produced by Sal Abbinanti, THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME not only celebrates the groundbreaking work of Alex Ross but also traces the lineage of comic art and storytelling that has shaped modern pop culture and have captivated audiences worldwide.

"Alex Ross can take almost any person and make them into a comic fan – when I met Alex in 2016 he did it to me,” says Remsy Atassi. “Alex's creations tap into the essential DNA of superheroes, elevating them to an almost mythic level. There is no better example than his 1996 book KINGDOM COME, which is an essential graphic novel because it looks like nothing else yet, has influenced so much.”

Atassi continues, “Over the course of over 30 interviews with key collaborators and industry icons, this project became a journey of discovering how deep that influence runs. THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME is an exploration of the mad, relentless dedication that goes into producing this stunning art form – and what it takes for an artist to achieve greatness."

THE LEGEND OF KINGDOM COME pre-launch page is officially live at Kickstarter, inviting anyone interested to sign up now for further updates and to be alerted when the crowdfunding campaign goes live later this year, with pledge tiers to be announced. To receive notifications about the upcoming campaign, visit to join the mailing list. For updates, follow @thealexrossart.

About The Team:

Remsy Atassi | Director & Editor

is a filmmaker born in Toledo, OH and based in Chicago. His feature film directorial debut, Bad Animal (2022), garnered critical acclaim and won awards at prestigious festivals including FAFF (Best Original Music) and the Tucson Film & Music Festival (World Premiere). Distributed via Emulsion Lab, Bad Animal has reached audiences worldwide through platforms such as Amazon Prime, Tubi, and other streaming networks.

With a diverse portfolio, Remsy's previous work includes award-winning short films like One Way Out (2018) and The Liar (2013). Additionally, his music videos and photography have been featured in renowned publications such as Rolling Stone, Forbes, Billboard, Pitchfork, Vice, and the Chicago Reader.

Sal Abbinanti | Producer

Sal Abbinanti is a seasoned comic book producer and artist, best known for his dynamic and innovative contributions to the industry. As the longtime agent and business manager for Alex Ross, Sal has been instrumental in the success of numerous acclaimed projects. His deep understanding of both the artistic and business sides of comics has made him a respected figure in the field.

Sal is also the creator of the indie comic series "Atomika: God is Red," which showcases his distinctive artistic style and storytelling prowess. His work often explores complex themes and presents visually striking narratives, making a significant impact on the indie comic scene.


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