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3 Issue Biker Mice From Mars Interconnecting Covers by Dustin Weaver and New Cartoon Incoming!

Biker Mice From Mars Preview Image

Biker Mice From Mars Comic Book Is Coming

Roughly 3 months ago comic book publisher Oni Press announced they'd be taking on the Nacelleverse.

For those not in the know, The Nacelleverse includes the following properties: Power Lords, Robo Force, Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, The Great Garloo and Biker Mice from Mars. Basically, if you're wanting nostalgic as f**k feel good 90s cartoon vibes then paying attention to the Nacelleverse is a great mind set to be in.

Launching straight out of the pages of Oni Press penultimate issue Nacelleverse #0, the Biker Mice From Mars are getting their very own limited comic book run. This sends the trio of anthropomorphic Mice Men on an all-new free-wheelin’, butt-kickin’ adventure on Mars.

Helmed by Melissa Flores (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Spider-Gwen: Smash) and Eisner Award–nominated artist Frances Portela (Green Lantern), this Biker Mice From Mars coming book is set on Mars during a time when the notorious fish-like Plutarkian race stage a mass invasion with plans to mine the red planet of its precious resources. This three issue limited series will have three interconnecting covers by Dustin Weaver (Avengers, Paklis) which makes me long for the days when Archie Comics did this for the Knuckles the Echidna comic on the reg.

Biker Mice From Mars #1-3 Interlocking Covers by Dustin Weaver
Biker Mice From Mars #1-3 Interlocking Covers by Dustin Weaver

The Cartoon and Comic Book Connection

Hardcore Biker Mice From Mars fans will remember a similar two part storyline set of Mars which closed out the last two episodes of the 90s cartoon and was a prequel in itself. The last two episodes were epic and apocalyptically charged. Serving as an origin story for the three biker mice: Throttle, Modo and Vinnie. Where the three mice were part of the martian resistance and we learnt how Modo lost his arm, Vinnie lost most of his face and why Throttle wears those sunglasses.

Nacelle Founder and CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss added to this announcement:

“We hope you’re ready for alien mice, crime bosses that smell like cheese, and copious amounts of hot dogs! Let’s rock and ride!”

Nacelle is currently developing a new Biker Mice from Mars animated series directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, who also serves as Executive Producer alongside Cisco Henson, Matt Kravitsky, Michael Goodman, Gavin Hignight, and Matt Lawton for Nacelle. Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey, Kevin Hill and Ashley Fox, serve as Executive Producers for Maximum Effort, along with David Gandler and Pamela Duckworth on behalf of Fubo.

Additional variant covers will be available from Juan Gedeon (DC: The Jurassic League), Roger Cruz (X-Men: Age of Apocalypse), Ramon Villalobos (Nighthawk, America) and Francis Portela (Green Lantern).

Issue 1 of Biker Mice From Mars lands in your local comic book shop July 2024.

Cover B by Juan Gedeon
Cover B by Juan Gedeon

Variant Cover (1:50) by Francis Portela
Variant Cover (1:50) by Francis Portela

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