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Producing the End of the World is a  72-page, full colour anthology, collecting stories from a diverse group of up-and-coming comics talent. Each story explores a different post-apocalyptic scenario, with focus ranging from the most intimate and human moments to the most epic and awe-inspiring cataclysmic destruction. With so many tales from so many unique voices, we guarantee there is a story for everyone in this world-ending collection.


Producing the End of the World is edited by Anthony Pollock, with assistant editing duties by Gary Proudley and lettering by Rob Jones.


The Stories:


Penny & the Mechanical Mr Strawberry – Long ago there was the war between humans and the robotic invaders from space. Neither side won, and in the ruins that remain we follow the story of Penny and her friend, the Mechanical Mr Strawberry.

Written by Louis Southard and Art by Domenico Pagano

(10 pages)


The Opal Idol – The gods left behind the Opal Idol with a dire warning that no person should ever move it. Bartholomew the Dread is like no other person, he knows that the gods lied!

Written by Gary Proudley and Art by Rob Gaughran

(8 pages)


Down With Something – Lt. Jason Lutz becomes a reluctant special guest at a blowhard president's gaudy campaign event as a “stowaway” from outside Earth's orbit unveils its own, gruesome ideas on how to make the entire planet great again…

Written by Rob Pilkington and Art by Elodie Chen

(12 pages)


And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth – Years after the world was devastated by wars and climate disasters, a vulnerable woman enters a sanctuary, seeking safety. But not everything is what it seems.

Written by Aubrey Jeppson and Art by Jeremiah Schiek

(8 pages)


The Very End – Humanity is already dead when its alien annihilators arrive to destroy it. So, what do they do now?

Written by Scott Dunn and Art by Paul Gori

(11 pages)


Dark Storm – In a world that has been destroyed by a never-ending storm, two women search for a solution, but are they just chasing false hope?

Written by Adam Burt and Art by Richard Kemp

(10 pages)


The Last Song Played Will Not Be Freebird – As a meteor is hurtling toward the Earth, music fans at the last concert discuss what the final song played will be.

Written by Alex Dandino and Art by Chris Maiurro

(10 pages)


Pick up this gore-geous post-apocalyptic anthology by adding it to your digital collection!

'Producing the End of the World' Anthology


The file you'll receive is 84 mb in size and will require a PDF reader.

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