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Space Ghost #1 - David Pepose, Jonathan Lau, Andrew Dalhouse, Taylor Esposito (Dynamite)

Space Ghost Issue 1 Featured Image

My first memory of Space Ghost was back in 1997. Back when the brass at Archie Comics had no idea what to do with the character except pair him with the unlikeliest of allies (see: Dinoboy) and throw in random appearances with other Hanna Barbera characters. I’m pretty sure I remember an appearance alongside Scooby Doo at one point. I reiterate: NO. IDEA. He was squandered.

Enter David Pepose. A comic book writer whose veteran knowledge of the reporting side of the comics industry and now the creative side has seen him carve out a veritable swath of creative runs on characters well known (Punisher, Savage Avengers) as well as creator owned (Spencer & Locke, Scout’s Honor). If you’ve read any of those it’s clear by now that Pepose’s M.O. is putting a creative spin on characters you’ve come to adore. Although, I’m not sure who’s been begging for a reworking of Space Ghost - but thanks god it’s here.

Space Ghost Issue 1 - Page 2
Space Ghost Issue 1 - Page 2

Probably the best comic book team-up of the year is Pepose with Dynamite Entertainment. A comic book publisher infamous for adulting the fuck out of their comic book properties. Which is evident in this issue as Pepose’s Space Ghost appears out of nowhere, like a cosmic Batman, to rescue two siblings whose dad is dead, their space colony is gone and they’re left orphans to fend off a group of stargazing pirates who’ll stop at nothing to acquire the science experiment fused to the skull of their pet… monkey!?

This melding of retro futurism with perceived anti-hero barbarism is a winning combination. One which allows for artist Jonathan Lau to play with creativity around what a future intrepid and Space Ghost can look like in the Dynamite Comics-style. The coloring is dynamic and does a lot with its juxtaposition of red vs blue palettes which simplifies the reading appearance whilst allowing us to quickly come to grips with the action sequences taking place. This technique saw me reading certain pages faster than others. But the stage stopper is the regal display of Space Ghost coming to the rescue of the two siblings. An iconic moment that is determined to transcend the character to the same Godlike level of his superhero peers.


Written by David Pepose

Art by Jonathan Lau

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Lettering by Taylor Esposito

Genre: Science Fiction/Action

Published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Space Ghost #1 is available now.

Space Ghost Issue 1 - Page 7
Space Ghost Issue 1 - Page 7


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