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An Example Of True Artistic Integrity As Comic Book Artist Refuses To Look Up While Tabling At Local Comic Con

An Example Of True Artistic Integrity As Comic Book Artist Refuses To Look Up While Tabling At Local Comic Con

LOOK THE FUCK UP: In an alarming set of circumstances, a Comic Book Artist tabling at Nuke Us All Comic Con over the weekend, has been caught refusing to look up from his table. Despite dozens of his fans waiting for over thirty minutes, queuing to buy his shit, this artist refused to look up and grant them the honor.

Of course, a couple attendees to Newcastle's inaugural comic con reported a few variations to this claim. Some even going so far as to say he even took a break, put his pencil down on occasion, took a few sips from his T2 Melbourne Breakfast loose leaf tea, before going at it again.

This has infuriated some of the fans queuing up at this Comic Book Artist's booth. Who, by the time they were finally granted the privilege, were only given 1 or 2 minutes tops before the Artist put his headphones on and went back to drawing before this group of privileged punters finally fucked off and left him alone.

28 year old Jason Robertson, a regular at Nuke Us All's inaugural event, was rather pissed off at this 'poor form' as he calls it. I caught up with Jason to get the full story.

"It's fucking atrocious. I've been to many comic cons over the year. Comic Gong, Supanova, Oz Comic Con, even that flowery con when I was in New York for their summer."

Flame Con?

"That's the one. Even the queers at that comic con knew how to treat a fucking fan. But this guy. THIS FUCKING GUY. Takes the cake. He's kept me waiting for over an hour and after I reckon about forty seconds or so he just puts his headphones on, ignores me, and the Nuke Us All staff start ushering me away. What flagrant bullshit! I can't believe it. You're here to sell shit. I want to buy your stuff. LOOK THE FUCK UP!"

Things got a bit heated with Jason and I politely excused myself before taking a walk past the booth of the Artist in question who, sported a large stack of unsold comics, unclaimed pinup pieces, and a bundle of horribly folded T-shirts.

Thankfully by now, the crowd had disbursed, the drama had subsided and the comic book artist was now sitting back in a recliner, reading a mint condition copy of Youngblood - Issue 10, armed with a pair of glossy white trafalgar cotton gloves.

It seems that true artistic integrity cannot be rushed.

More soon.


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