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Zach Blackwell

Comic Book Creator/Cartoonist

Zach Blackwell is the cartoonist and creator of Cerealdemon Comics. Cerealdemon Comics takes place in a world filled with Gods, food based Demons, bugmen, and all manner of critters. Cerealdemon, a being able to control all breakfast cereals while wielding a giant spoon, has built the city of New Manoia.

Along with his friends, like Emo Cheese and Fleaman, they will vie for respect among the Gods. Sometimes there's humor, sometimes horror. A tip for exploring this new universe of unique individuals? DO NOT EAT THE PUDDING!

Dive into the Cerealdemon Comics and check out mini newspaper style comic panels, paintings, digital art, and a growing full page comic series. Not all demons are evil, and not all food is equal.

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Full page comic book prints are available at this site.

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Zach Blackwell
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