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Wrestling Journalist and Presenter

Xenia is a Wrestling journalist and presenter who often interviews and features wrestlers from well-known North American based promotions such as AEW, WWE and ROH - to name a few. Usually on her YouTube channel - XeniaDidThat.

Xenia employs her Master’s degree in New Media and experience of public talks on internationally recognized scholarly stages to maintain prominent social media presence, create food, travel, fashion, beauty and pro wrestling content highlighting an aesthetic-forward approach to content creation, and produce wrestling-related content that showcases thought-provoking insights, challenging the traditional societal norms set for entertainment businesses, amplifying female voices.


Xenia is also a certified journalist operating with a turnkey approach to interviewing, with experience of hosting, anchoring and panel analytics.


Between video-essays, interviews, written pieces, public talks on equality for women and beyond, live appearances, event coverage, unboxings&reviews and beyond, XDT has produced hours of content in 3 languages, across 3 continents, featuring workers and personalities from 20+ countries and garnered over 2.5 MIL views on YouTube.

Additionally, Xenia is a presenter, lifestyle creator and inclusion advocate.

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