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Differences in schedules, influences, and personalities are all things that can make or break a band.

That’s why Burnaby, BC-based multi-instrumentalist Justin Pierrot prefers to work alone in pursuit of

bringing his vision of death metal from his head to your ears. That vision has evolved over the years, but

the name remains the same: Stormland.


Originally conceived in 2003, Pierrot recorded Stormland's first song with the help of a drummer friend.

After beginning audio engineering studies at the Center for Arts & Technologies Okanagan in 2005,

Pierrot was soon able to apply new principles in song writing, recording, and drum programming to his

project. These songs were raw, but the bones of what were to come were there. Tempo dynamics,

grooves, and impassioned death metal vocals were all present. They just needed to be developed.


Those elements have evolved from 2005 to present. Extended range guitars and bass have entered the

fray along with a raft of new influences, making Stormland’s latest album, The Human Cost, a massive

leap forward in terms of musical depth and technicality. This is the latest step in a journey that began

with the buzzsaw demo EP Complaints and Grievances (2009) and continued through to more fully realized albums like The Human Cost (2022). The sessions for The Human Cost were especially fertile, leaving enough material to create the band’s latest EP, The Altar of War.


The Altar of War was released on April 26th, 2024. The EP contains three original songs from the sessions for The Human Cost, as well as a cover of Gundam ZZ opening theme “Anime Ja Nai, and two Roadrunner Records-inspired remixes of the songs “Test Subject” and “Marida.” The lone single, the title track, was released on March 21st, 2024 with a music video released to Youtube on March 22nd, 2024.

The original songs and the “Anime Ja Nai” cover were mixed and mastered by Patrick Bruss (Filth Chamber Audio, Crypticus), with the remixes done by Justin Pierrot. The cover art was created by Juan Vargas. The Altar of War is available on Stormland’s bandcamp, including t-shirts and a Special Limited Edition including custom-painted models and The Human Cost and The Altar of War on an SD card.

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