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Fourth Dominion


“In filth, evil stands.”

A line from FOURTH DOMINION’s upcoming sophomore album, Diana's Day, that proclaims songwriter Meadow Wyand’s singular and novel point-of-view. An out trans frontwoman, her songs reflect queer trauma and defiance, as well as speaking to existential despair and spiritual divination. The group’s emotionally dense and literate songs draw just as much from the contemplative gothic metal of Anathema and Sentenced, as they do the unapologetic alternative punk of Hole and PJ Harvey. With compositions that are simultaneously somber, catchy and intricate, FOURTH DOMINION radiate a hunger and commercial appeal beyond the confines of heavy metal to which they are rooted.

Their debut album, 2017’s Wings of a Dying Crow, marked an important stride in developing the type of post-In Solitude heavy metal deathrock that has taken off in the years since. Its follow-up shows a love for Angel Witch, as well as the guitar playing of The Smiths and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The album reflects themes not often confronted in heavy metal: disability, gender, the divine feminine, anti-futurist queer politics, and sexual assault. Its exploration of trauma seeks to be a response and companion piece to Hole’s "Live Through This."

With their forthcoming mission statement, FOURTH DOMINION showcases their ability to rise to the top of the new wave of gothic metal, or “Deathwave” as Wyand refers to it. Featuring new drummer Brady Mentz and the production talents of Casey Ahrens-Cavallo and Tom Gerwitz, the band have Frankensteined an album of profound emotional depth and commercial readiness. “When we fight, we bash back!” is a promise to both the queer empowerment the album represents, as well as the band’s uncompromising attitude for growth.

Diana's Day is out via Fiadh Productions on August 1st, 2024.

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Fourth Dominion
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