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C.J. Dotson


C.J. Dotson possesses the statistically average number of body parts for a human being to have. She and her husband, stepson, and children (all of whom also appear human) share a cabin in the woods with more bugs than she would ever like to see. In her limited spare time she enjoys reading, video games, painting, baking and decorating cakes (with…questionable success), and petting her dog and two cats.

C.J.'s debut horror novel, THE CUT, comes out 4/8/2025. What goes bump in the night (and drip in the walls, slither in the tub, and squirm in the halls) at L'Arpin Hotel? In this chilling supernatural horror novel set in a past-its-prime historic hotel, pregnant domestic abuse survivor Sadie must discover exactly that, because until she and her daughter get back on their feet, they're stuck here.

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C.J. Dotson
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